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20 września 2012

Yesterday, XKCD published something incredible. First, when it appeared in my RSS Reader, it looked strange and unfinished:

but when viewed on XKCD’s page it proved to be the most spectacular experience I had for some time. It was so astounding I wanted to see it wholesome. So, here it is: a combined view of all the source images of the huge world of XKCD.

World of XKCD

World of XKCD

You’ll start in the top-left corner, which is blank, but if’ll you scroll down to the ground level, or right to the whales, or zoom out, you should get to the image itself.

Moving on

4 września 2012

It’s almost six years now since I joined Opera.

I’ve learned a lot here and some of the things I learned had even something to do with the work. I’ve met a lot of strange, incredible people and I drank strange, incredible things (two drinks I first drank while at Opera are akevitt and Mad Cat – a variation on Mad Dog [a Polish shot] served only in the 7 Cats Pub in Wrocław, if you are visiting, this drink is a must).

Now the time came for me to move on. To navigate new waters, to try something new. As my employment at Opera finished last Friday, I went down the memory lane – back to the Wrocław Business Park, to a company that is partially descendant of my former employer. I have a vague idea, what my role will be exactly (I had introduction day yesterday and I will meet my coworkers today), but what I now know, it has something to do with RNC and that it will not be MacOS…

Oh, and there was Opera 12.02 released last week

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