Moving on

It’s almost six years now since I joined Opera.

I’ve learned a lot here and some of the things I learned had even something to do with the work. I’ve met a lot of strange, incredible people and I drank strange, incredible things (two drinks I first drank while at Opera are akevitt and Mad Cat – a variation on Mad Dog [a Polish shot] served only in the 7 Cats Pub in Wrocław, if you are visiting, this drink is a must).

Now the time came for me to move on. To navigate new waters, to try something new. As my employment at Opera finished last Friday, I went down the memory lane – back to the Wrocław Business Park, to a company that is partially descendant of my former employer. I have a vague idea, what my role will be exactly (I had introduction day yesterday and I will meet my coworkers today), but what I now know, it has something to do with RNC and that it will not be MacOS…

Oh, and there was Opera 12.02 released last week

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