Amazon Kindle – rectification

12 kwietnia 2012

Yesterday I wrote that I don’t think kindle is for me. I didn’t like the navigation, I didn’t like the size. And those were the real issues I had. A week ago. Then I started to use it as a reader for a good book (Hunger Games Trilogy, if anyone is interested) and everything changed.

This device is good at emulating a book. Extremely good. Colors? That’s good for magazines, and this device sucks at emulating magazines, so – meh. Navigation? Occasionally I still stumble upon going forward, when I think I go backward, but that starts to be a song of the past.

Because the technology is sooo good, I start reading and I forget this is not a book, but an electronic device. The amount of the text that can fit on the screen is to small? With a good book, you don’t even notice the clicks to change pages. There is a glare from a lamp nearby? When you want to read on, you position yourself just-right and the glare goes away. And on Easter Monday there was enough sun to test it against direct sunlight. Oh-em-gee again. Where all of the backlit devices fail in such conditions, kindle just strives to supply even reacher contrast, than in-doors. Wow, just wow.

Don’t get me wrong, the problems I described yesterday are still problems. But I would be willing to work around them and I eagerly await any new technology on the field.

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Amazon Kindle – comments

11 kwietnia 2012

Yeah, so I played with a kindle for a while and the device really grew on me. There are some „wow”s and, unfortunately, there are some „but”s as well. Read more »

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