A Touch of Class

2 kwietnia 2012

Last Thursday Bjarne Stroustrup was visiting Institute of CompSci here at Wrocław University with his „Touch of Class” lecture. Most of the questions in the Q&A section were either hostile or stupid (mostly stemming from Bjarne’s claim qsort is inferior to std::sort), but there was also first info about next spec I’ve ever heard of (he mentioned something about C++17 and the need for taking only a small change, if they are to be on time).

The  notoriety of the lecture resulted in what I believe was a total disregard for public safety. The sheer number of people in the auditorium was twice the hall’s capacity. There were not only students present, but programmers from companies from all around the city.  We came in about an hour prior the lecture, but there was almost no sitting places left at that point.  After that in only got worse. People were standing in the door frames, sitting on the stairs, someone got the benches from the corridor and put them almost at the blackboards.  I’ve seen people I last spoke with five years ago. It seemed it was a rock concert of sorts.

Finally, the meeting ended with the guest signing books and posters after which the host kidnapped him for a dinner, away from those pesky geeks.

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September Keynote

10 września 2008

Wczoraj wieczorem naszego czasu Steve Jobs odstawił show pod tytułem Let’s Rock! Oczekiwania serwisów plotkarskich poświęconych Maczkom: iTunes8 z Geniuszem i jakąś bajerancką wizualizacją, nowe iPody, MacBooki i w końcu Maki.

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